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Dr. T's Holistic Skin Clinic

  • 4 Fort Hill Road East Sandwich, MA 02537 US (map)

After visiting an oral surgeon, a friend of mine was able to avoid painful tongue surgery by having Dr. T treat her. 

Another friend had a skin lesion removed from his eyelid that would have otherwise, required surgery.

Avoid unnecessary surgery that can send questionable cells deeper into the body, can compromise your immune system and also can cause an inflammatory response.

Do you have unsightly lesions?

  • Remove skin growths, moles, tags, keratoses, rough spots and blemishes.

  • Eliminate the risk of melanoma!


Where: Path to Vibrant Health

4 Fort Hill Road, E. Sandwich, MA 02537

Removal without surgery!

  • 150,000+ satisfied patients and

  • 28 years of experience

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Dr. Adiel Tel-Oren, (fondly known as Dr. T) uses a non-surgical approach to remove skin growths, moles, tags, rough spots, and blemishes. He has served over 150,000 people, world-wide, for 28+ years.

Proceeds benefit Dr. T's non-profit, humanitarian work for the past 15 years, currently protecting 20,000 children in devastated, earth-quake shaken remote areas in Nepal.

All types of skin lesions can be removed:
• Moles/Nevi: Pigmented or non-pigmented protrusions (from neurological irritation or solar exposure, or affected by genetics)
• Skin tags: Many pigmented or non-pigmented thin based protrusions (usually from hormonal imbalance)
• Senile hemangiomas: Small to large red "blood blisters" (usually from capillary fragility and damage)
• Keratoses: Hard scaly protrusions (many types - age, genetics, and sun-related), occasionally pre-malignant
• Other lesions: Warts/condylomas (genital/anal/cutaneous), xanthomas (fatty white "dots"/areas near the eyes), etc. Many blemishes are congenital (existing from birth) as birthmarks are-and cancer may start within them!
Are you not clear if they are potentially dangerous? The skin is the largest organ for cleansing and achieving optimum health.

Skin lesions, moles, tags, etc., tells us a lot about our health. And, how they develop is caused largely by the buildup of toxic foods we eat and acidic waste in our bodies.

Why Remove Them?
• Appearance: No scarring, pitting, or regrowth in the vast majority of cases. Excellent results on the face. Very minimal scarring with flat, deeper pigmented (riskier) lesions.
• Safety: Reduced risk of skin cancer. No more watching moles for dangerous changes, when riskier, invasive, scarring procedures (that may spread cancer) become justified.
• Prevention: Reduced irritation to the brain and spinal cord from asymmetrical skin growths and protrusions. The skin should be smooth!
• Comfort: No more catching of moles on clothing, jewelry, or combs (in scalp growths).
• Convenience: Usually requires a single treatment (a few minutes). No medical facility needed. No cutting, stitching, burning, or freezing, with their risk of infection and scars.
•Guarantee: In rare cases of regrowth or incomplete results, there is no charge for re-treatment.

How are they removed?
Dr. Tel-Oren lightly applies to the lesion his safe, effective, non-surgical, non-medical liquid - modified trichloracetic acid(similar yet gentler than the one mentioned in the AMA Journal, April 8, 1972, p 210: and Obstet. & Gnec. Audio-digest Vol 20 #2, Jn 23, 1973) Even small children can tolerate the slight burning sensation (similar to a mosquito bite). Dr. T has been doing this gentle procedure worldwide for over 23 years.

The lesion's nutrition is restricted by the liquid, which causes the circulation to constrict. The best results are achieved with growths on the face (any size!). Mild de-pigmentation may occasionally occur on the arms, legs & torso, especially when melanin-containing or cancer-prone flat areas are treated.

Any deeper layer of pigment that might remain (a rare occurrence) can be safely retreated, as no blood vessels are penetrated.

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Treatment Fees
To help you estimate the cost and receive more done for the same amount: The first average lesion is $125 - $175. (Price varies based on type, complexity, size, and location.) Three average lesions are $275 - $325. Six average lesions are $375 - $450. Ten average lesions are $550 - $650. Additional lesions are $20 - $50 each. The more lesions treated, the lower the fee per lesion. Note: Birth marks and unusual/difficult lesions are not considered "average."

Why is this kind of treatments better than any other way?
· Generally not painful. Sometimes slight burning sensation.
· No need for local anesthesia andthe risks involved.
· No need for stitches. Non-surgical!
· No limit to handle particularly sensitive areas like eyelids, contact between eyelashes or even eyeball.
· The treatment will not harm sensitive organs, nerves, major blood vessels, etc.
· It does not affect scalp hairs, eyelashes or eyebrows.
· You can treat layer by layer until nothing is left of the lesion.
· There is no need to wait and see.
· Surgical invention has the potential of spreading cancerous cells through the body.
· Guarantee: There is a lifetime warranty for the treated lesions. If necessary, additional layers will be removed at no additional cost.
· Best esthetic results compared to other treatments.
· It is the world’s only system to remove freckles!

About Dr. T
Dr. T. is a sought-after, holistic scientist who educates medical professionals and the general public about functional medicine and disease prevention via truly natural lifestyle and dietary modification. He is a licensed European Medical Doctor, Licensed Nutritionist and is American Board Certified of Functional Medicine, of Oxidative Medicine and of Chelation Therapy. He is the founder of several holistic non-profits in the US and Nepal.

Currently, Dr. T's non-profit, Ecopolitan Eco-Health Community (EEC), is supporting 20,000 children, which is growing daily, in remote, earthquake devastated areas of Nepal, many who are orphans and have been devastated by the earthquake. The children's education includes technology, mathematics, and computer science. The goal is to support 100,000 educated children in an environment that is still natural so that they may become role models for healthy and conscious living in today's world.
To donate, go to: