Dorothy's Story

Photo by Jennifer Dow

Photo by Jennifer Dow

alkalizing and embracing with unconditional love - A Journey through cancer


Dorothy Torrey’s interest in health and prevention began over thirty years ago when she began talking with a neighbor about his healthy lifestyle; he added fresh vegetables and fruits to his diet and enjoyed just one ‘special’ cup of coffee a day. She wasn’t interested in changing (she bought frozen vegetables and enjoyed coffee all day long) but continued talking with him, noticing his abundant energy, lean body and obvious joy.

Dorothy believed she was following the healthiest lifestyle possible – eating whole grain breads, organic yogurt, fresh fruits and vegetables, chicken, fish and dairy, taking vitamins and scheduling mammograms. She did what she was told to do by mainstream health practitioners.

Like most people, Dorothy was afraid of cancer. After hearing a woman’s testimony about healing herself of cancer via adopting an alkaline lifestyle, Dorothy decided if she ever got “It” she would adopt a 100% alkaline lifestyle. Soon after, she purchased a recommended infrared comforter and felt she was doing the most possible to maintain her health. Little did she realize that she was barely touching the tip of the iceberg regarding balancing her body’s alkalinity.

After many years of a stressful, ‘acidic’ lifestyle, Dorothy speaks frankly. “This is a difficult thing to say, but today I know that I was ‘doing cancer’ for about 40 years. I had an extremely stressful first marriage to an active alcoholic; I gave myself very little sleep; overworked myself to prove myself worthy. I constantly sought approval, felt like I had no friends and spoke to no one about my pain. I hid, felt shame and blamed myself for everything.” This kind of stress just creates an acidic environment in the body.

“For me, going ‘alkalarian’ was much easier than surgery, chemo, radiation and drugs.”
— Dorothy Torrey

Dorothy was diagnosed with infiltrating ductal carcinoma of the breast in June 2003, confirmed by a Boston doctor. The immediate recommendation was lumpectomy, radiation and chemotherapy. Despite the doctor’s recommendation, she decided to take three months to become more alkaline. Dorothy’s path of healing or treatment would be completely ... continue reading.  

Dorothy’s story about reversing her cancer diagnosis, Alkalizing & Embracing with Unconditional Love, was published in the Autumn 2006 edition of Cape Healing Arts Magazine.


Dorothy Torrey was featured in Cape Cod Life Magazine.  The article was published in the August 2015 issue.  Read An Uplifting Interview with Dorothy Torrey

“I didn’t look at cancer like a death sentence. I looked at it as a gift to find what was out of balance in my life.”
— Dorothy Torrey