Himalayan Black Salt

The world's healthiest salt


Himalayan Sulfur-Rich Black Salt (Reddish-gray in color)

Himalayan Sulfur-Rich Black Salt (Reddish-gray in color)

the basics

  • Natural, pure, raw salt crystals rich in sulfur

  • Full-bodied taste with original, distinctive eggy flavor

  • Pure and unpolluted (versus sea salt!)

This 100% natural wholesome, traditional Ayurvedic healing black rock salt is hygienically HAND-CLEANED and crushed using NON-PAINTED STAINLESS STEEL, in a Nepali-government approved FAIR TRADE facility DEDICATED TO THIS SALT ONLY – no risk of contaminants, heavy metals or allergens.

clean and natural

NO CHEMICAL processing or refining!  NO HEATING or COOKING! Just the NATURALLY SULFUR-RICH ANCIENT RAW BLACK CRYSTALS, MINED AT THE UN-POLLUTED HIMALAYANS.  NOTHING ALTERED OR ADDED!  Delicious, full-bodied, taste with its distinctive eggy taste makes eating any raw or cooked food an INSTANT TREAT.

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Sulfur: A Modern Deficiency  by Dr. Adiel Tel-Oren

Sulfur: A Modern Deficiency by Dr. Adiel Tel-Oren

benefits of Sulfur

Sulfur is one of the most important elements for our health and longevity. It plays a crucial role in the activities of many enzymes, in the structural strength of hair, skin, gums and joints, and in the processes of cellular repair and regeneration. It enables “sulfation” – a critical detoxification pathway in the liver and tissues.  Click on thumbnail or here to learn more about the benefits of sulfur in your diet.


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For immediate supply, call Dorothy Torrey, Ecopolitan Area Coordinator at (781) 452-7585 or email: dorothy@PathToVibrantHealth.com

All the proceeds from this RAW SALT sustain the Everest Learning Academy of Nepal, a non-profit network of rural schools, childcare centers and orphanages that nurture, educate and protect the poorest children of Nepal from child trafficking, slavery and prostitution.  To learn more how your purchase of Himalayan Black Salt benefits these children, go to their website.

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