Put a Coach in Your Corner

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I have found that the highest energy, vitality and optimal health comes from following an alkaline lifestyle that nourishes the total being. It fosters not only a positive, thriving condition in my body, but also in my mind and spirit which has prevailed over some serious challenges and given me a sense of inner strength and harmony that keeps me resilient.

My goal is to guide you to experience the same healing force I’ve discovered which has given me great joy. The essence of alkaline living is a 

diet high in pH - unprocessed, whole, plant-based, living food. This is what supports and heals the body and nourishes the soul.  In my case, it reversed serious depression and kept a diagnosed cancer in abeyance since 2003.

This is not a quick fix or bandaid approach, but rather an in-depth education that can truly transform your life.

I require a 3 session commitment:

  • The first to lay out the principles of the Alkaline Lifestyle.

  • The second to foster an understanding of alkaline foods and how they bring your body back into balance.

  • The third to strengthen your ability to make wise choices around food, thoughts and actions based on in-depth knowledge.

I have been living an Alkaline Lifestyle for the past 14 years, and it has been one of the most rewarding gifts that I have given myself.  My desire is to share it with you.

To learn more about coaching services, call Dorothy at (781) 452-7585.

Dorothy is a wonderful Alkaline Lifestyle Coach!
— Jane Smith