Why I Live an Alkaline, Raw Food Lifestyle

The Benefits Are Many!

Are you tired of feeling cooked, fried, baked and toasted? Then here are just a few benefits of the Raw Lifestyle taken from Brigitte Mars’ Rawsome book and its DVD companion.

  – Health – An alkaline raw food diet can help one overcome annoying ailments, symptoms and diseases.

  – Energy – It is great to experience daily improved work productivity, memory, and I require less sleep when I am eating a raw!

  – Environmental – It requires less land to produce fruits and vegetables than animal products. Think of all the energy saved from not cooking: Less fuel, packaging and pollution!

  – Flavor – Any recipe enjoyed as cooked can be even more delicious raw, since we are eating food closest to its natural state.

  – Beauty – Raw food diets slow down the aging process, normalizes weight and improves skin quality.

Save Time – Once you get into the flow of raw food preparation, you will spend less time in the kitchen.

  – Nutrition – There are more nutrients and enzymes in raw food. Techniques such as marinating, pureeing, fermenting, sprouting and dehydrating involve “cooking” without heat, that render food digestible and more nutrient dense.

  – Spiritual – Living food promotes clarity, and higher consciousness and better emotional health and happiness. It is being “awake”!

  – Economy – Raw food cost less than packaged processed products. You will spend less on drugs, medical visits and commercial restaurants.

  – Easy Cleaning – No more oven cleaning or soaking pots and pans with baked on food. Biodegradable products work easily.

The raw movement is the future! If one can experience a higher state of consciousness, better health, more beauty, eat more delicious food, save time, money and the planet’s resources, why not say yes to raw?

And since studying and living an alkaline lifestyle for many years, I incorporate alkaline foods into my raw food diet. I love living and eating this way, not only because the food is delicious and real, but also because the lifestyle offers me optimal health, vitality, growth and expansion or being more of who I am!  Thank you!