Welcome to Path to Vibrant Health!

Enjoy exploring this website to learn about how you can transition to an Alkaline Lifestyle for energy and vitality, mental clarity and concentration, and a lean, trim body. On this journey, you’ll meet Dorothy Torrey, an Alkaline Lifestyle Coach.

When you join Dorothy on your own Path to Vibrant Health, you will be inspired by her own story of how she found wellness in her own life.  You can learn more about healthy drinking water, how to participate in the next potluck & movie and other healthy, fun, educational events on Cape Cod.  Check out to see the latest Meetup.com events for the Cape Cod Wellness and Raw Food Group by clicking here.  And be sure to check out all upcoming events here.

Dorothy also provides her clients with a line of wellness products, such as the revolutionary Kangen Water, therapeutic bioactive inhalers and other various professional-quality supplements.

To Begin Your Journey

Please feel free to step onto the path and be sure to look for special promotions, new blog posts and upcoming events, and be sure to sign up for Dorothy’s newsletter (on the right side of this screen) so you never miss a thing!

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