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I chose the name Path to Vibrant Health to reflect my approach to work and life.  Every path is taking us somewhere, and I choose vibrant health and a vibrant life.

Do you want a lifestyle that is in harmony with your core being and the world around you?  Do you yearn for better health - physically, emotionally, spiritually?  Through wellness counseling, community events and potlucks, I connect people with leading experts who inspire and also teach us how to live a more vibrant life.  Please join me and discover the power you have to create health for yourself and contribute to a healthy planet.  It all starts with you!



About Dorothy

Path to Vibrant Health was founded by Dorothy Torrey.  After being diagnosed with breast cancer in 2003, Dorothy has spent the last 13 years developing and refining an approach to mental, physical and spiritual health using alternative approaches to health and well being.  Now an Alkaline Health Educator and Coach, she created this website to share her inspiration, thoughts and techniques with you.

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For the curious, the health seeker, or anyone who wishes to throw off the shackles of old conditioning and forge a new path into optimal well-being.  We come together to support each other and learn.  We are a group of like-minded, and yet diverse individuals whose intention is to create real change in our lives.  Sign up for our Newsletter or register for one of our Upcoming Events.

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